Cuddly Pinwheel Pillow

Do you love making cuddly, snuggly quilts, but don’t want to commit to such a large project? Make a snuggly, cuddly pinwheel pillow instead! This bright and cheerful pillow from Fleece Fun will brighten up any room, and is the perfect snuggly companion for any activity that needs a pillow – watching TV, reading a […]


Herringbone Quilt

Simple can be stunning. Simple is also often easier to make, from start to finish. A simple quilt is easier to pick fabrics for, easier to cut fabrics for, and easier to piece… which means that you’re more likely to have a completed quilt. This herringbone quilt is both simple and awesome. A great combination […]

Patriotic Quilt

Summer is upon us, and if you haven’t already started thinking about it, you might want to make a fun patriotic wall hanging to display on the 4th of July! Really, a patriotic quilt like this one from Gigi’s Thimble would be great for any patriotic holiday here in the US, or you could hang […]

Weight of the World - Sampaguita Quilts

Weighted Star Quilt

Weighted quilts can be very comforting for many people. Specifically, weighted quilts have been used to help people with Autism. The weight is soothing and comforting… and possibly even more so when it comes in the form of a hand-made quilt, right? This beautiful “Weight of the World” quilt comes from Samaguita Quilts. Isn’t the […]

Diamonds in the Deep - Bonjour Quilts

Diamonds in the Deep

Ocean blues, and a subtly changing block come together beautifully in this “Diamonds in the Deep” quilt by Bonjour Quilts. Is it blue on a white background? Is it white on a blue background? Who cares with such a stunning, clean quilt. You could easily change up the colors for a different look. Check out […]

Fox and Friends Quilt - Sew Fresh Quilts Blog

Fox and Friends Quilt

Solid triangles come together to make the most adorable creatures in this Fox and Friends quilt from Sew Fresh Quilts! Don’t you love their cute little faces!? They pop off this great blue background and right into your heart! Check out all the details of the Fox and Friends quilt.

Color Blocked Baby Quilt - Polkadot Chair

Color Blocked Baby Quilt

If you’re a quilter, and you have a pregnant friend, you’ll probably want to whip them up a cute baby quilt. This Color Blocked Babay Quilt from Polkadot Chair is fun, fast, and easy… even if you have more than one pregnant friend to whip up quilts for! Go check out how to make this […]