Herringbone Quilt

Simple can be stunning. Simple is also often easier to make, from start to finish. A simple quilt is easier to pick fabrics for, easier to cut fabrics for, and easier to piece… which means that you’re more likely to have a completed quilt. This herringbone quilt is both simple and awesome. A great combination […]

Diamonds in the Deep - Bonjour Quilts

Diamonds in the Deep

Ocean blues, and a subtly changing block come together beautifully in this “Diamonds in the Deep” quilt by Bonjour Quilts. Is it blue on a white background? Is it white on a blue background? Who cares with such a stunning, clean quilt. You could easily change up the colors for a different look. Check out […]

Fox and Friends Quilt - Sew Fresh Quilts Blog

Fox and Friends Quilt

Solid triangles come together to make the most adorable creatures in this Fox and Friends quilt from Sew Fresh Quilts! Don’t you love their cute little faces!? They pop off this great blue background and right into your heart! Check out all the details of the Fox and Friends quilt.

Radiant Orchid Quilt

Radiant certainly describes this quilt by Erica At Kitchen Table Quilting. Her use of color is stunning, as is the gradient created by her fabric placement. Don’t you love the triangles!? Check out her post to learn about her fabric choices (including the backing and binding!), and what choice she made when selecting her batting.

scrappy plus quilt

Scrappy Quilt

This modern quilt shows that you can tackle a more intricate design without being overwhelmed! Add large borders to a smaller piece of patchwork to make a quilt that is as big as you like, without lots of tiny pieces! Check out this scrappy quilt – and be sure to check out the floating plusses […]

Comma Zen Strip Quilt

Comma Zen Strip Quilt

Strip quilts are so satisfying, and simple to make. they come together very quickly. And this Strip Quilt using fabric from Zen Chic is fantastic because there are no little pieces to line up – instead of a traditional “stacked coin” look, these stripes of pattern have a beautiful, disorderly look to them. Perfect for […]