zig zag quilt

Zig Zag Quilt

This happy little quilt was made using fabric with a large print, and half-square trianges flanked by strips of chevron fabric. All the red and white are just so sweet… perfect for Little Red Riding Hood to go on a picnic… or snuggling while reading a book! Check out the red zig zag quilt.

Comma Zen Strip Quilt

Comma Zen Strip Quilt

Strip quilts are so satisfying, and simple to make. they come together very quickly. And this Strip Quilt using fabric from Zen Chic is fantastic because there are no little pieces to line up – instead of a traditional “stacked coin” look, these stripes of pattern have a beautiful, disorderly look to them. Perfect for […]

Fat Quarter Quilt

Fat Quarter Bricks Quilt

Fat Quarters are quarter yard cuts of fabric that are cut as half yards off the bolt, and then cut in half on the fold to make wide (or “fat”) quarter yard cuts of fabric. They are perfect for making quick quilts, like this Fat Quarter Quilt with Boys Toys Fabric.

rainbow quilt

Raibow Quilt

Steph shows off her first “real” quilt – that she made for (and with) her niece. Her niece picked out all the fabrics, and Steph made this rainbow quilt from start to finish.

make a t shirt quilt

T Shirt Quilt

There is no need to feel intimidated by your first quilt. But if the thought of spending money on fabric for a quilt that you’re not sure if you love makes you a little nervous, consider making your first quilt out of upcycled materials – like old T-shirts. Condo Blues takes you through her T-shirt […]