rainbow quilt

Raibow Quilt

Steph shows off her first “real” quilt – that she made for (and with) her niece. Her niece picked out all the fabrics, and Steph made this rainbow quilt from start to finish.

Wedding Gift Picnic Quilt

Wedding Picnic Quilt

Made with both floral and denim fabrics, this picnic quilt is a great wedding gift. It was hand quilted with words from 1 Corinthians that describe love. Check out the details of this beautiful Wedding Quilt.

make a t shirt quilt

T Shirt Quilt

There is no need to feel intimidated by your first quilt. But if the thought of spending money on fabric for a quilt that you’re not sure if you love makes you a little nervous, consider making your first quilt out of upcycled materials – like old T-shirts. Condo Blues takes you through her T-shirt […]